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Fax Solution for Medical billing companies
alloFactor offers integrated inbound faxing allowing billing companies to receive paper superbills and EOBs directly into alloFactor billing module. If you are still picking up billing forms in person or using a regular fax, you would save hours each week with alloFactor billing fax solution.

Many clinics still use paper superbills and most still want paper EOBs to go directly to them. If you are an external billing vendor you have three choices

1) pick it up each day which takes up too much time
2) fax it which can get expensive and is erratic
3) postal mail is slow

With alloFactor billing fax solution, clinic faxes superbills or EOBs to a toll free fax number. They appear directly within alloFactor billing module as unprocessed documents. You can easily enter data or post payments while viewing the fax saving you the hassle of printing them out. An elegant solution to work with clinics that are still in the paper world at no cost to them.

Many clinics are shifting from traditional telephone lines to VOIP providers with large savings in their monthly bills. Now alloFactor combines the advantages of VOIP and traditional telephone lines and brings you a highly flexible pay-per-use faxing solution. It also allows you to eliminate purchasing pricey fax machines and avoid paying high monthly fee to local telephone provider.

Setting up fax solution is quick and easy. If you are new to alloFactor, download and setup your alloFactor platform. Next login to admin login and select the fax solution feature to start your free trial.

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