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About alloFactor

About alloFactor
alloFactor provides a comprehensive set of products and services for medical practices, groups and hospitals. Everything we do is focused around our core mission to increase revenue, reduce costs, and improve productivity for our clients. Our primary services are revenue cycle management and medical transcription, with many ancillary services including patient registration, insurance verification, and appointment confirmation. Our product portfolio includes iTrans, a medical transcription platform, and alloFactor, an integrated practice management suite with appointment scheduling, EMR and billing.

What is in a name?

alloFactor comes from -‘allo’ which stands for ‘other’ and the word ’factor’. When we started, we did not want to build yet another software. We really wanted to create something that will make a critical difference in the clinic's performance; something that is vital to the success of the medical practice. And hence the name alloFactor - the other factor that will help you succeed in this rapidly changing healthcare ecosystem.

Company history
alloFactor was founded as Iris Medical Services LLC, in Shelley, ID in 2003 by three partners. It was started as a medical transcription company focused on medium sized practices across the United States and Canada. Our business model called for selling backoffice services through direct marketing, close client relationships, lower costs through automation and productivity gains through skilled labor.

Early challenge
By 2006, as medical transcription industry faced challenges from voice recognition and electronic medical records, we faced two choices. Either fight to survive or walk away from the company we had built.

Defying the odds
Our founders decided to take on the challenge directly by diversifing into other services and software. Infusing more capital and adding new divisions, we rapidly built new competencies in software technology and medical billing. Our employees responded to the call by taking on additional responsibilities to meet our growth targets.

Taking a long term view, we spent the first year building a state-of-the-art practice management system platform. The integrated EMR module was built to compete in the rapidly emerging EMR market. The practice management module was given only to our billing clients. In 2008 alloFactor chose to release its core platform as a product.

Current status
alloFactor has grown at an compounded annual rate of 400% since and currently has client base of over 400 clients, covering a wide spectrum in size, revenue, and specialties. alloFactor is currently headquartered in Birmingham, AL and operates out of multiple locations across the US.

Read on to learn about our view on how alloFactor solves the key issues that clinics face today

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