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alloFactor is a comprehensive clinical technology platform complete with an full array of products giving a clinic unprecedented means to take their clinic to the next level. Our product portfolio consists of the following:

Calendar & Billing: The practice management system consists of appointment scheduling, patient registration, insurance billing, patient accounting, and reporting modules. The PM product is the core of alloFactor platform and allows all data to flow across the different product modules. Take a look at the details and you know why competition product is trying to catch up. And best of all the PM module is priced as an affordable solution.  Learn more

alloFactor EMR: The Electronic medical record has one of the fastest documentation engines saving the physician valuable time. EMR module is tightly integrated with practice management module improving staff productivity and reducing errors. What separates us from the rest? The EMR module is priced for small practices but has all functionalities that you come to expect from expensive EMR vendors.  Learn more

Patient Portal: Patient portal acts as your clinics website as well as self service portal for patients. It is an emerging concept that can reduce your staff's workload while improving patient satisfaction. Patients can get answers to most commonly asked questions, communicate with clinical staff, fill out registration paperwork and even manage their appointments online.  Learn more

iTrans Transcription platform: If you are an MTSO, take the thought leadership in moving the clinic clients towards electronic medical records while retaining the transcription revenue. Your MTs suffer no productivity loss, physicians continue to use same interface, but everyone benefits from a tightly integrated EMR platform.  Learn more

Electronic transactions

Electronic Claims submission: Tightly integrated with alloFactor PM, electronic claim submission allows you to instantly transmit professional claims to over 2000 payers. Claims transmitted electronically typically get paid 3 weeks ahead of paper claims. No setup fees and no monthly minimums; just a per transaction fee that is less than what you would pay your clearinghouse. Learn more

Electronic Eligibility verification: Verify your patient coverage and eligibility with 400 payers and improve your collections. Eligibility can be set as a batch or real time during patient check-in through alloFactor calendar module. Learn more

Electronic remittance advice: Electronic remittance is the least appreciated healthcare EDI transaction. Payment details from over 300 payers can be directly applied to alloFactor saving your staff hours of work and frustration.  Learn more

Automated transactions

Appointment reminder: Patient reminder system reduce load on your front-desk y by automatically reminding patients about their upcoming appointments. Patients can confirm or cancel and appointment immediately. Learn more

Fax Solution: alloFactor offers an optional inbound and outbound faxing that improves staff productivity by combining print+scan into a single step. We make sending and receiving faxes a simple, efficient and cost effective process. When combined with EMR, this can be an unbeatable tool. Learn more

Fax solution for billing vendors: alloFactor offers integrated inbound faxing allowing billing companies to receive paper superbills and EOBs directly into alloFactor billing module. If you are still picking up billing forms in person or using a regular fax, you would save hours each week with alloFactor billing fax solution. Learn more

Patient Statement mailing: Patient statement mailing allows you to quickly mark accounts that need to be mailed out. Professional looking statements with return envelopes will be mailed out in 48 hours without any additional effort at your end.  Learn more

Medical transcription: alloFactor delivers high quality transcriptions overnight with unparallel delivery option; directly into our EMR, printed directly to your office and/or faxed to referring physicians. Voice files can be captured directly through your computer, dictaphone or phone.  Learn more

Medical billing: We combine the power of our technology with our skilled workforce on to improve your revenue by 5% on average. Claims are filed within 24 hours and our aggressive payer follow-up and consistent patient follow-up ensure you collect on services performed. Learn more

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